Upcoming Events

The Legacy of The Dry

Lulu Craig and the Descendants of Otero County’s
African American Homestead Community


Friday, May 3 at 7:00pm
An update on the Archaeology Project at The Dry
and showing of the film “Happy Birthday Mrs. Craig
Otero Museum
706 West 3rd Street
La Junta, Colorado

Saturday, May 4 from 1:00 – 3:00pm
Open House at the Craig Homestead
Near County Roads 10 and C, South of Manzanola, Colorado

This project sponsored by Southeast Colorado RC&D
With funding from:

Saturday May 4, 4:00-8:30pm
Birding and History weekend at Boggsville
(with presentation about The Dry Archaeology project)
Boggsville is located south of Las Animas. From Highway 50, take Highway 101 approx. 2 miles south of town.

4:00pm Gathering, music, exhibits! Try your hand at milking a goat, see
spinning, weaving, carding, felting a hat, and see goat products: soap, lotion, cheese
4:30pm Stories of Boggsville and Old Times
5:00pm Archaeology tour with Richard Carrillo, Archaeologist
6:00pm Dutch Oven meal — $7 at site
6:45-7:30pm (dusk) Program: Archaeology and History of “The Dry”,
a former African-American homesteading community south of Manzanola.
Program presented by Michelle Slaughter, Denver archaeologist.
7:30pm Descend to the Purgatory: Birding and Wildlife along the Purgatoire River

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