Excavation and Interviews

As we entered week two of our Summer 2012 season at the Dry, we said goodbye to team members Jamie Devine and Delfin Weis and welcomed new team member Erik DeMarche.  We continued to peel away the layers within the designated units, now finding fewer and fewer artifacts as we dig deeper.  This is a clue to us that we have reached the point where we will no longer find items from the time when structure was used.  One major area of the site is now done to this “sterile” level.

Yesterday we were joined at the site by descendants Mrs. Alice McDonald and Mrs. Darlene Derbigny.  Both women were gracious enough to share some of their stories and memories associated with the Dry for a video interview conducted by our team members.  Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Derbigny recalled some of their favorite foods to eat at the Dry, what daily tasks were like, and why the land was important to their family.  They both also spoke of the perseverance of the settlers to make a living.  We hope to use this footage and historic photographs to make a short film about life at the Dry.



  1. #1 by darlenederbigny on June 12, 2012 - 12:18 pm

    this is a most exhilarating event for me. I am always brought to tears when I visit the dry. Nostalgia, love. Just good feelings. Thank you team.

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