Colorado Preservation, Inc. – “Saving Places” Conference

Earlier this month, the team from the Dry presented at the “Saving Places” conference in Denver. We had been excited about the conference for a while because we were eager to talk about the project with a more local audience (AND to present at the Colorado Convention Center, under the watchful eye of the big blue bear!)

We were in good company at the conference, with interesting presentations on diverse topics such as “Healthy Communities: Partnering Preservation, Planning, and Public Health,” and “Preserving Native American Places that Matter.”  All of the programs were organized to highlight the following goals:

Goal A: Preserving the Places that Matter
Goal B: Strengthening and Connecting the Colorado Preservation Network
Goal C: Shaping the Preservation Message
Goad D: Publicizing the Benefits of Preservation
Goal E: Weaving Preservation Throughout Education
Goal F: Advancing Preservation Practices

Dores began our presentation with an overview of the site, the project, and our hopes for the future. Jess went on to discuss the ways that public archaeology has played a central role in the way that the project is structured. Jennifer shared information on her thesis research, explaining some of the science behind ground penetrating radar and how it is being using at the site. The presentation concluded with Mrs. Darlene Derbigny’s discussion of her memories of the Dry and the site’s significance in her family history.

We had a very engaged audience who asked several thoughtful questions that will help us think about the project in new ways.  After our session ended, the group went out for a delicious lunch at a local Cajun restaurant.  It was fantastic to get the opportunity to see the group together again, and to hear feedback on the project.  All in all, the conference was a huge success!

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