Nicodemus, Kansas

Two weeks ago our team visited Nicodemus, Kansas, the site of an all-black settlement of homesteaders.  Nicodemus was interesting to us not only because of its fame as a pioneer black town, but also because many of the homesteaders at The Dry came to Colorado from Nicodemus.  This included Lulu Sadler Craig and her family, as well as members of the Jones family and the Garland family.

When we arrived in Kansas we were given a warm reception from Angela Bates, of the Nicodemus Historical Society and Phyllis Howard, a park ranger from the Nicodemus National Historic Site.  Angela gave us a tour of the town and countryside, including the cemetery where many residents are buried.  She showed us photos of the people of Nicodemus, and provided more insight in to Lulu Craig’s family.  As it turns out, Lulu herself was a historian, and chronicled the history of Nicodemus.

The trip gave us perspective on the broader experience of African American settlers in the West, and it was especially exciting to follow the stories of some of the individuals who settled on The Dry!

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