Day of Archaeology Events

This past Friday (the 29th) was the international “Day of Archaeology,” an event which involved folks around the world blogging about a day in the life of an archaeologist.  Be sure to check out the posting from the team at The Dry here!  In honor of the occasion, we also held a couple of public programs at the end of last week.

On Thursday we ran a program as a part of the Youth Arts and Enrichment program at the BAIE Center in Rocky Ford.  Local kids came out to learn about what it is that archaeologists do, and why our team is working in this area.  As a part of the program, kids completed three different activities that taught them about the archaeological process: 1)they surveyed a candy landscape, looking for patterns in the way that the candy was laid out, 2)they “excavated” boxes to learn about what you find at an archaeological site and how to record it, and 3)they interpreted garbage, figuring out what rooms the trash came from.  We had a great time working with the kids, and were very impressed with their archaeological skills!

Friday we gave a talk about our work at The Dry, again at the BAIE Center in Rocky Ford.  Michelle and Dores shared information about the site and the origins of the project.  Jennifer and Jess talked about their work as students, including Jennifer’s planned use of ground penetrating radar at one of the sites and Jess’s community outreach efforts.  In addition, we were very fortunate to have three descendants of homesteaders present that evening to share their memories of The Dry.  Mrs. Alice McDonald, Mrs. Darlene Derbigny and Mr. Robert Craig spoke about what The Dry meant to them and their families.  After the formal presentation ended, many community members lingered to discuss the project further with the descendants and the archaeologists.

With the help of many individuals, the two “Day of Archaeology” events were a great success!  Special thanks to Julie Worley at the BAIE Center for all of her assistance with these programs.  If you would like to find out more about the project, join us on site this Thursday, August 4th to see what we’ve been up to.

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